Bathroom Countertop Sinks

Bathroom countertop sinks are the focal point of the bathroom countertop. In fact, the primary function of the countertop is to accommodate the sink and house the bathroom accessories which aid the sink’s use. Thus, the time and money expended to choose the bathroom countertop is worthless if it is not adorned with the right sink. This is not a difficult task as contemporary bathrooms unveil a wide variety of bathroom countertop sinks. Modern countertop sinks offer a broad range of shapes, designs, colours and materials. Their installation techniques have also been extensively experimented with. Moreover, bathroom accessories like stylish faucets can significantly add to the décor of the countertop sinks. Let’s look at the various ways in which you can adorn your bathroom countertop.

Bathroom Countertop Sinks Top-mounted

Bathroom Countertop Sink Top-mounted

Top-mounted Bathroom countertop sinks

Top-mounted or self-rimming bathroom countertop sinks are ones where the sink is set (from the top) into a cut out made in the countertop. The sink has a lip or rim which securely holds on to the countertop and supports the sink. Putty or glue is used to seal the sink rim to the countertop. The sink is usually clamped from below for extra support. Top-mounted bathroom countertop sinks are very popular due to their ease of installation. It is also easy to clean and maintain these sinks. This type of installation is most suitable for basic shapes like circular, oval, rectangular and square; as cutting out the right shape in the countertop is less cumbersome in these cases. Also, the outer profile of the sink is hidden below the countertop. This makes top-mounted installation unsuitable for fancy-shaped sinks. provides you simple and easy tips for bathroom countertop sinks, sink installation techniques, sink types for bathrooms, countertop sink designs, sink materials and more.

Under-mounted Bathroom Countertop Sinks by Kohler

Under-mounted Bathroom Countertop Sinks by Kohler

Under-mounted Bathroom countertop sinks

Under-mounted bathroom countertop sinks, as the name suggest, are ones where the sink is fitted from underneath the countertop. The sink is fastened to the countertop underside using bolts. The joint between the countertop and the sink is sealed to avoid accumulation of dirt. This installation also requires a cut out to be made in the countertop. But in this case the cut out edges should be perfect and neat as they are visible, unlike the case of top-mounted sink. The under-mounted sink lends a neat look to the countertop. Cleaning and maintaining the countertop with under-mounted sink is also very easy. This makes under-mounted installation a widely adopted technique. As only the top view of the sink is visible, this technique is also not apt for flaunting designer sinks.

Bathroom countertop with vessel sink

The contemporary trend in bathroom countertop design is the use of vessel sinks. A vessel sink is one which is mounted on the countertop surface, with its outer profile exposed. The availability of a wide range of sink shapes and designs have made the vessel sink a popular choice among modern designers. It acts as a design element which can be experimented with to create a lasting impression on the bathroom décor.

Glass vessel bathroom countertop sinks

Glass vessel sink

The vessel sink can be installed in two ways. It can be placed on a small cut out created in the countertop to provide a firm base. So, the sink is partly recessed in the countertop. This installation is suited for vessel sinks made of ceramic, stone and other opaque materials. Some vessel sinks are contoured in a manner suited for recessed installation. The other technique of installing a vessel sink is using a mounting ring. The ring, usually made of the same material as the sink drain, is placed around the drain hole made in the countertop and the vessel sink is fixed over it. This technique is most preferred for glass vessel sinks. The mounting ring technique scores over the rest as in this case, the sink can be replaced without any harm to the countertop. Maintaining a vessel sink is comparatively more cumbersome as compared to the top-mounted and under-mounted sink. Also, as the sink is exposed it is more susceptible to wear and tear. But, these drawbacks can definitely be ignored in light of the impact a beautiful vessel sink has on the bathroom interiors.


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