Bathroom Countertops

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  • July 24, 2012
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An important element of bathroom interiors is countertops. Introducing a countertop in your bathroom can transform the look of your bathroom interiors. Bathroom countertops act as the focus of the bathroom interiors. The bathroom countertop houses the wash basin with the mirror fixed over it. The space below the bathroom countertop can be utilized as a storage space. You can also fix vanity for over the countertop for storing bathroom amenities. The countertop depth should be minimum 1’6”.

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Let’s look at a few common materials used for bathroom countertops.
Bathroom countertops need not be as functional as kitchen countertops. Therefore, aesthetics is the most important factor to look for when you choose the material for bathroom countertops. Another feature to consider is moisture resistance and ease of cleaning.

Granite bathroom countertops

The most commonly used bathroom countertop material is granite. It lends the bathroom a rich and elegant look. Granite countertops are strong, durable and resistant to moisture and abrasion. Also, cleaning and maintaining granite countertop is easy. You can get the desired shape of your countertop with granite. Another advantage with granite countertop is the variety of colors it offers. Use a color which complements your existing bathroom interiors.

Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble Bathroom Countertops

Marble bathroom countertop

Another popular material for bathroom countertop is marble. Marble bathroom countertops add an element of grace to the bathroom interiors. Advantages of using marble as bathroom countertops include durability, ease of maintenance and resistance to moisture. The only disadvantage is that marble is prone to staining when exposed to acid. Bathroom cleansers contain acid and this is a threat to the use of marble in any part of the bathroom. So, if you opt for marble countertop for your bathroom interiors, make sure that you do not use acid or acid containing material for cleaning it. Soaps, detergents or baking soda can be used instead. If required, you can also polish the countertop surface every few years. If proper care is taken, marble countertop can go a long way in making your bathroom interiors stylish.

Ceramic tile bathroom countertops

Ceramic tile is an economical way to a great bathroom countertop. It offers all the benefits one looks for while choosing a suitable material for bathroom countertop. It is durable, easy to clean and maintain and water resistant. Preferably use glazed tiles for bathroom countertops. An advantage of ceramic tile countertop over stone countertop is that you can create beautiful patterns using ceramic tiles. They are available in numerous colors, designs, textures and pattern. The only drawback is that ceramic tiles and tile grouts tend to get dirty, so special care should be taken to maintain ceramic tile countertops.

Ceramic Bathroom Countertops

Ceramic Bathroom Countertops

Glass bathroom countertops

Glass makes a trendy bathroom countertop. It gives your bathroom a unique look. The latest variety is recycled glass countertops, and you would be amazed to see how recycled materials can also make beautiful countertops. Another advantage is that glass countertops go well with most type of interiors-marble, granite or ceramic being a few compatible options. You can also complement your glass countertop with glass wash basins. A variety of shapes, designs, colors and textures are available for glass wash basins. Stained glass gives you the liberty to choose from various colors.

If you are facing a space constraint in your bathroom, then using glass countertop is a good option. Glass, being transparent or translucent, doesn’t hinder view making your bathroom interiors look more spacious. You can also play with light and illuminate your glass countertop.

Though glass countertops look modern and stylish, it demands proper care and maintenance. Glass is also prone to scratches and may break if something heavy is dropped on it.

Glass Bathroom Countertops

Glass Bathroom Countertops

Concrete bathroom countertop

A great and economical choice for bathroom countertops is concrete. Concrete offers most of the qualities one looks for while choosing a viable material for bathroom countertops. It is strong, durable, hard-wearing and easy to clean and maintain. Concrete countertops stand out in the versatility it offers in terms of colors, designs and shape. As is well known, concrete can be easily molded into any shape, and this property is extended to concrete countertops as well. You can even have the wash basin cast in concrete with the countertop, having a common finish giving you a monolithic countertop with wash basin. Needless to say, with concrete you get the flexibility to choose a desired shape wash basin. Another advantage with concrete is that you can create colored patterns engraved in your countertop. The appeal of concrete countertops largely depends on its finish. Well-polished concrete with epoxy coating can beat stone countertops in terms of look and finish. Concrete can also be stained with acid to lend it the desired color.

Solid surface bathroom countertops

One of the most widely used materials for bathroom countertops is solid surface. Solid surface is an artificial material, and hence has numerous benefits to offer. It can imitate any material including stone and wood. Like concrete, solid surface too can be molded into any desired shape, so your wash basin can be easily integrated with your countertop. Solid surface lends your bathroom countertop a seamless finish which looks neat and attractive. Moreover, it is water resistant, easy to clean and durable. Another advantage is that solid surface countertops can be easily refinished to make them as good as new. The variety in color, texture, finish and designs is unmatched to any other material. So, you can easily match a solid surface countertop to your existing bathroom interiors. Solid surface countertops can also be illuminated to give your bathroom a trendy look.

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