Bathroom Interiors

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Bathroom interiors have come a long way from being a small, neglected part of the house to a space to rejuvenate and relax. Modern bathroom fixtures and accessories, contemporary building materials and change in lifestyle have done the trick. And surprisingly you don’t even need a lot of space to design the ideal bathroom interiors; a small, cozy one might just be right for you. provides you simple and easy tips for bathroom interiors, bathroom interior designs, bathroom interior architecture, bathroom interior lighting, bathroom interior countertops, bathroom interior walls, bathroom architectural designs and planning.

A few bathroom interior design tips can make a significant difference in the way your bathroom looks.

Bathroom Interiors Flooring

Bathroom Interiors – Flooring

Bathroom Interiors – Design and Planning

Any bathroom has two zones: the dry zone and the wet zone. The dry zone includes the wash basin and water closet whereas the wet zone is the bathing area. The basic approach to a good bathroom interior design is the segregation of these two zones. The objective should be to keep the maximum part of the bathroom dry- for safety and hygiene reasons. The wash basin being the most commonly used entity should be the closest to the bathroom entrance, followed by the water closet. The bathing area should be pushed farthest from the entrance. This leads us to the ideal bathroom design configuration- a rectangular area with the three elements (wash basin, water closet, bathing area) placed side by side. The minimum area for a comfortable bathroom is about 10’x6’ (excluding the walls). It is important to note a few dimensions here-

  • The bathing area should have a minimum width of 3’. In case you want to place a bath tub this width shall increase depending on the tub dimensions.
  • The bathroom entrance should have a minimum width of 2’6”.
  • Leave 1’6” on either side of the wash basin and water closet axes.
  • The wash basin counter is about 3’ high.


Choose the right color for your bathroom interiors

Preferably choose dark colors (shades of brown, pastels, black) for your bathroom interiors- floors, wall tiles and fixtures. This makes your bathroom look clean and spotless. Avoid using black if your bathroom area is small.

Bathroom Interiors – Flooring

Bathroom floor should be easy to clean and maintain. Durability, resistance to stain and moisture are a few other important characteristics to look for while choosing material for bathroom floors. Always use anti-skid tiles for your bathroom floor for safety reasons. Anti-skid vitrified and stone tiles are widely available in the market.

Bathroom Interiors Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Interior Lighting

Lighting fixtures can add that extra point to your bathroom interiors. A wide range of stylish bathroom lighting fixtures are available in the market. You can choose the lighting fixtures to complement your existing bathroom interiors. Bathroom lighting should be such that it illuminates every nook and corner of the bathroom interiors, so place your fixtures accordingly.

Bathroom Walls

It has now become a norm to use tiles for bathroom wall cladding. In fact, the use of tiles completely transforms the bathroom interiors. So it is important to choose the right color, size and type of tile for your bathroom. Ceramic and stone tiles are the most preferred options, though polished ceramic tiles have taken a back seat nowadays. Use of textured and patterned tiles is the latest trend in bathroom interior design. Fix the tiles from the skirting right up to the door top height. This will make your bathroom look more elegant. You may also introduce patterned bands at intermediate levels to lend a stylish look to the bathroom. read more>>

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Bathroom Windows

Contemporary designers are bringing down walls to define the concept of open, seamless interiors. But, bathroom interiors are impervious to this trend due to obvious reasons. Though the impact of walls on the interiors of a space cannot be debated; bathrooms especially have a lot to derive from its walls – both functionally and aesthetically. read more>>

Small Bathroom

A small space bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean an ugly bathroom. You will be surprised to know that you can make your small space bathroom as comfortable and luxurious as any spacious one. read more>>

Bathroom Countertops

An important element of bathroom interiors is countertops. Introducing a countertop in your bathroom can transform the look of your bathroom interiors. Bathroom countertops act as the focus of the bathroom interiors. read more>>

Bathroom Sink

Modern countertop sinks offer a broad range of shapes, designs, colours and materials. Their installation techniques have also been extensively experimented with. Moreover, bathroom accessories like stylish faucets can significantly add to the décor of the countertop sinks. read more>>

Basin Mixer

An essential functional element of contemporary bathrooms is the basin mixer. A basin mixer is an evolved form of water tap which allows mixing of hot and cold water served to the wash basin. The mixer is connected to two inlet valves, one serving hot water and the other serving cold water. read more>>

Bathroom Shower Fixtures

A shower is a great way to rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. And that’s why bathroom showers have become popular elements of the contemporary bathroom. Their imperative use in bathrooms have impelled designers to innovate and come up with a range of excellent designs to give a refreshing and fulfilling experience. read more>>

Bathtub Design

The bathtub is an extremely popular element of the modern bathroom. Apart from their functional aspect, bathtubs have always been popular as eye-catchers. And modern bathtubs are no less than works of art with stylish designs and elegant materials making inroads into contemporary bathrooms. read more>>

Drop-in Tub

One of the most popular bathtub designs adorning modern bathrooms is the drop-in bathtub. As the name suggests, a drop-in bathtub is one which is dropped into its designated place. It may be sunk into the bathroom floor, or a platform or deck can be created for placing the bathtub into it. read more>>

Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub is one which is simply placed on the bathroom floor. The entire profile of the bathtub is exposed which makes the freestanding bathtub an excellent aesthetic element. This variety of the bathtub is frequently adopted to add a touch of luxury to the bathroom. read more>>

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