Bathroom Shower Fixtures

Bathroom shower fixtures are must have elements of the bathroom. A shower is a great way to rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. And that’s why bathroom showers have become popular elements of the contemporary bathroom. Their imperative use in bathrooms have impelled designers to innovate and come up with a range of excellent designs to give a refreshing and fulfilling experience. So let’s look at the various types of bathroom shower fixtures.

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Bathroom shower fixtures are classified according to their use as follows:

Bathroom Shower Fixtures – Overhead Shower Fixtures

The universal bathroom shower fixture which is synonymous to shower is the overhead shower. As the name suggests, the overhead shower fixture is installed above the average human height. The height of the shower head from the finished floor level is about 6′ to 6′-6″. In case of rain showers set in the ceiling, the shower can go higher. The overhead shower is the most pleasurable, and hence the most popular shower fixture. To accentuate the showering experience other forms of bathroom shower fixtures are provided to supplement the overhead shower. provides you information on Bathroom Shower Fixtures, Overhead Bathroom Shower, Hand Shower Fixtures, Bathroom Body Shower Fixtures, Shower Panel.

Overhead Bathroom Shower Fixtures by Hansgrohe

Overhead Shower Fixture by Hansgrohe

Bathroom Shower Fixtures – Hand Shower Fixtures

The hand shower is another widely used bathroom shower fixture. It is usually connected to the spout and extended using a shower hose. The shower fixture rests on a hook and can be easily detached for use. Being an extensible fixture, the hand shower adds a lot of convenience to bathing. You can direct water to any part of the body aiding easy wash. Hand showers are a very popular add-on to bathtubs. They are helpful in washing off lather and cleasing body parts. To extend the flexibility of hand showers to overhead showers, which are usually fixed, a new breed of overhead showers are invented. These overhead showers work on the principle of hand showers, i.e. they are equipped with an extendable hose and a hook for resting. The only difference is in the height of installation and the shower head diameter. Hand shower heads have a lesser diameter than overhead shower heads so that they are handy and not too cumbersome to use.

Hand Bathroom Shower Fixtures by Kohler

Hand Shower Fixture by Kohler

Bathroom Shower Fixtures – Body Shower Fixtures

A relatively new addition to the shower cubicle is the body shower. Body showers are spray jets installed on the shower walls which let out jets of water onto the body. These have massaging capabilities which relaxes and invigorates the body. Body showers are mostly used in even combinations of two, four or six. They form a secondary set of shower heads supplementing the overhead and hand shower; and are a luxurious addition rather than an essential one. However, body showers are slowly gaining popularity and have become an indispensable part of shower panels.

Body Bathroom Shower Fixtures by Kohler

Body Shower Fixture by Kohler

Bathroom Shower Fixture Manufacturers

Here is a list of the world’s leading bathroom fixture manufacturers. These are specialized in shower fixture design and their websites showcase an excellent range of shower products.
– Hansgrohe
– Pfister
– Moen
– Kohler
– Grohe
– Toto
– American Standard
– Graff
– Dornbracht
– Lacava

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