Bathroom Walls

Contemporary designers are bringing down walls to define the concept of open, seamless interiors. But, bathroom interiors are impervious to this trend due to obvious reasons. Though the impact of walls on the interiors of a space cannot be debated; bathrooms especially have a lot to derive from its walls – both functionally and aesthetically. So, let’s discuss a few trends the modern bathroom walls follow.

Bathroom Wall tiles by Carisma

Bathroom Wall tiles by Carisma

Material for Bathroom Walls

While choosing a material for bathroom walls, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind.

  • The walls of the bathroom should be water-resistant. Also, it should dry out quickly and water should not leave any stains on the bathroom walls.
  • The wall material should allow cleaning. It must be easy to clean and maintain.
  • The bathroom walls must be stain and dirt-resistant.
  • The material used for bathroom walls must be durable and hard-wearing.
  • Reflective materials should be preferred for bathroom walls.
  • The material should add to the elegance of the bathroom.

The common materials used for bathroom walls are:

Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Ceramic tiles for bathroom walls

The most popular and common material used for bathroom walls is ceramic tiles. This trend is attributed to the numerous advantages offered by ceramic tiles.

  • Ceramic tiles are water resistant, maintenance-free materials.
  • They are available in numerous sizes, shapes and textures.
  • Ceramic tiles offer a wide variety in color; hence it allows mix-and-match to create amazing designs for bathroom walls.
  • Ceramic tiles are long-lasting.
  • Ceramic tiles can imitate stones like marble, slate, travertine; and also wood.
  • You can create beautiful patterns on your bathroom walls using ceramic tiles, as they are available in stylish designs.
  • Ceramic tiles are easily available and are highly cost-effective.
Slate Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Slate Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Stone tiles for bathroom walls

  • Natural and luxurious – stone is an excellent material for bathroom walls. The widely used variants are marble, travertine, limestone and slate. Here are a few reasons why one should opt for stone bathroom walls:
  • Stone tiles lend an unmatched luxurious look to the bathroom.
  • The natural texture of stone gives a soothing effect to the bathroom.
  • Stone tiles are extremely durable and hard-wearing. It is an everlasting solution for the bathroom.
  • Stone tiles can be renewed by polishing.
  • Though limited as compared to ceramic tiles, but stone also offers variety in color and texture.
  • Stone tiles are easily stained by acid which is the primary component of bathroom cleaners. So, care should be taken while cleaning stone-tiled bathroom walls.
  • Stone tiles are expensive.
Glass tiles for bathroom walls

Glass tiles for bathroom walls

Glass tiles for bathroom walls

The latest addition to the list of materials used for bathroom walls is glass. Glass-tiled walls are gaining immense popularity in modern bathroom interiors due to the following reasons:

  • Glass tiles are known for the unique vibrant look it lends to the bathroom.
  • Glass tiles are extremely water-resistant, and hence ideal for bathroom walls.
  • Glass bathroom walls can be easily cleaned.
  • Glass tiles offer durability and resilience.
  • Recycled glass tiles are being widely adopted as a green alternative for bathroom walls.
  • Glass tiles are available in dazzling colors.
  • Glass tiles can be installed in beautiful, customizable mosaic and gradient patterns.
  • Glass tile installation needs precise workmanship.
  • The only drawback is the cost factor.

Bathroom walls for storage

Though storage is an inevitable need of the bathroom, no one is keen to shell out space for it. Here the bathroom walls come to our aid. If judiciously designed, the walls of the bathroom can provide efficient storage space. Wall alcove is an excellent way to store bathroom accessories. You can also install wall-hung cabinets beside the bathroom mirror and tub to keep necessities. Wall shelves, towel hangers and rods are commonly used for frequent items.

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