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Bedroom flooring has the most prominent impact on the bedroom interiors. We tend to experiment with the bedroom furniture every few years, alter the wall colors once in a year, change the furnishings every second day, but the bedroom flooring – we expect it to last forever. The importance of bedroom flooring cannot be emphasized more, and the variety of choices available makes it even more difficult to decide the right flooring for our bedroom interiors.

Though individual preferences vary, a few key points should be kept in mind to zero in on the right bedroom flooring for you. Bedroom flooring should always have a soothing effect. We always look forward to relax in our bedroom, so the bedroom flooring should also convey this message. An ideal bedroom flooring is one which lends the interiors a luxurious feel. So, select a material which looks aesthetic and rich. Some other essential characteristics of the ideal bedroom flooring include durability, hassle-free maintenance and resistance to weather conditions.

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Let us have a look at the various options available for bedroom flooring. Though each option has its own pros and cons, you are the best person to judge the one most suited to your bedroom interiors.

Marble for Bedroom Flooring

Marble for Bedroom Flooring

Marble for Bedroom flooring

The most sought after bedroom flooring type is marble flooring. Not only does it make your bedroom interiors look elegant, but is also durable and easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to moisture and wear-and-tear, and hence suited to all weather conditions.

Marble flooring also gives you variety in terms of color and texture. Marble tiles are available in a wide range of colors and you can choose the one best suited to your interiors. It is advisable to opt for a tile color which complements the existing furniture, walls and other components of your bedroom interiors. A floor pattern using different varieties of marble can give an aesthetic touch to the interiors.

The only drawback of marble flooring is its cost. But though the initial expense may seem high, it pays off in the long run.

Wood for Bedroom flooring

If you devote time to your home’s well-being, then this is the right option for your bedroom flooring. Wood flooring adds the element of grace and warmth to the bedroom interiors. You also have the option to choose from a variety of textures and colors, so you can pick your floors to complement the existing bedroom furniture. Though wooden flooring looks best with wooden furniture, it also goes well with wrought iron and cane.

Wood Bedroom Flooring

Wood Bedroom Flooring

The main drawback of wooden flooring is that it doesn’t respond well to wear-and -tear; also moisture resistance is a major issue. Take care while shifting heavy furniture over wooden floors. Avoid wooden flooring if you stay in a humid place or have long monsoons. As far as cost is concerned, it varies with the quality of timber used. Good quality timber comes at a price, but the experience of wooden flooring is truly priceless.

Vitrified tile for bedroom flooring

One of the most economical options available for bedroom flooring is vinyl flooring. Vinyl is an artificial flooring material, and hence offers variety in terms of design, color and texture. It is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. You can sweep, vacuum or mop you vinyl floor to keep of dirt. The main disadvantage of this flooring is its susceptibility to abrasion and stains.

Ceramic Tile for bedroom flooring

Ceramic flooring is cost-effective, durable, water-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, available in a range of colors, and last but not the least, it looks great. You can also mix and match to create beautiful floor patterns using ceramic tiles for your bedroom flooring. One drawback is that the tile may crack if you drop something heavy on it or for some other reasons. But you can always replace it with a new one and your bedroom flooring will be as good as new. Care should be taken while installing the tiles, the grout lines should be even throughout the flooring. Try to keep the grout lines as thin as possible because this makes cleaning easy.

Ceramic Tile Bedroom Flooring

Ceramic Tile Bedroom Flooring

Terrazzo for bedroom flooring

Another great option for your bedroom interiors is terrazzo flooring. Widely used in all types of interiors, terrazzo flooring allows great room for experimentation. Terrazzo flooring is formed by laying cement mixed with stone chips, and polishing it. You can add coloring pigment to the cement for the base color of your bedroom flooring and choose stone chips accordingly. You can also create attractive designs to adorn your bedroom interiors. Terrazzo flooring offers numerous benefits like durability, hassle-free maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Laminate for Bedroom flooring

An easy-to-install and economical flooring choice for your bedroom is laminate flooring. Laminate is a synthetic product imitating wood or stone. Laminate floors are moderately durable and easy to clean. Variety in terms of color and texture is widely available. Exposure to moisture should be avoided as the laminate may warp.

Bamboo for Bedroom flooring

A great eco-friendly bedroom flooring material is bamboo. It offers the aesthetics of wood floors with the added advantage of strength, durability and moisture resistance.

Concrete for Bedroom flooring

Concrete floors were considered dull and boring, but not anymore. You can incorporate modern designs to make your concrete flooring look adorable. Polishing and staining can lend your concrete floor the desired finish. Moreover, it gives you all the benefits you look for in ideal bedroom flooring.

Concrete Bedroom Flooring

Concrete Bedroom Flooring

Glass for Bedroom flooring

Though not widely used, but glass flooring is definitely an option for the stylish and trendy. The plus point is its incredible impact on your bedroom interiors. It also gives you the option to light your bedroom floors!

Carpets and rugs for bedroom flooring

Carpeting your bedroom floors is another great option. It is ideal for places with cold climate. Carpets lend the bedroom a warm and inviting look. Also, it makes your bedroom more comfortable. Regular vacuum cleaning is required to keep the floor dirt free. Bedroom carpeting is not ideal if your bedroom experiences high traffic. Wide range of carpet designs is available nowadays. Choose one which complements your bedroom interiors.

Carpet Bedroom Flooring

Carpet Bedroom Flooring

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