Bedroom Interiors

Bedroom interiors are the most adored space of every home. Probably because most of our time at home is spent in the bedroom. Bedroom is the ideal space to retire to after a hard day, cozy up with your spouse and children, and have a sound sleep to revive for the next day.A house does not even qualify as one without the bedroom. You can easily recall from your experience that any house is valued by the number of bedrooms it has. That is how important the bedroom is. And it is equally important to devote time and attention to your bedroom interiors.

Bedroom Interiors - Bed

Bedroom Interiors – Bed

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The Bed

The focal point of the bedroom should be the bed. Your bedroom interior design should be such that attention is drawn towards the bed. There are a number of ways to ensure this. Give your bed a central location with respect to the bedroom interiors. Place your bed along the shorter side of the bedroom, i.e. the bed should ideally be parallel to the shorter side. Leave sufficient maneuvering space on either sides of the bed, at least 2 feet is recommended. Treat the wall behind the bed to brighten your bedroom interiors. Go to Article>>

Bedroom Interiors-Walls

Bedroom walls should always be light in color. This helps in making the bedroom interior bright and lively. You can always choose to treat one of the walls- preferably the wall behind the bed. This wall can sport a darker shade or texture. Wooden paneling is the latest trend in treating bedroom interior walls. Another easy and variable option is to fix curtain rods on the wall behind the bed and hang attractive curtains. Hanging paintings or family photos can also give a personal touch to your bedroom interiors. Wall alcove with a few showpieces can also be experimented with.

Bedroom Interiors

Bedroom Interiors

Bedroom Interiors-Lighting

Bedroom is a space to relax and refresh, and bedroom lighting can remarkably add to the soothing essence of this space. Bedroom lighting can be used as an effective way to decorate the bedroom. Good lighting fixtures and their efficient use can set the mood of the bedroom right. And for your nicely-done bedroom, lighting can just be the perfect ingredient to make it an ideal space. Go to Article>>

Bedroom Interiors-Flooring

Another important element of bedroom interior design is the flooring. There are a variety of materials you can choose from for your bedroom floor design. Stone (marble, granite, terrazzo), wood, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, floor carpets are a few popular options for bedroom interiors. Luxurious feel, easy maintenance and durability are the key aspects to look for. Go to Article>>

Bedroom Flooring

Bedroom Flooring

Bedroom Interiors-Ceiling

While designing the bedroom interiors, we usually tend to neglect the ceiling. Rather it would be more accurate to say that we do not consider designing the ceiling at all. We are so particular about the right bed, the ornamental furniture, the flooring designs, etc., etc. that we ultimately end up with a mundane ceiling. The same ceiling which is the first thing we look at in the morning is completely neglected. The fact is that ceilings are an integral part of bedroom interiors, and even paying slight attention can make a huge difference to your bedroom. Go to Article>>

Other bedroom interior elements

Besides the bed, the bedroom interiors also boasts of other essential furniture like wardrobes, dressing table, night stands, T.V. stand, sofa, study table, etc. To maintain uniformity choose a common material for all these elements. In case you have wood furniture, try to maintain harmony in terms of color and texture. Do not clutter your bedroom with too many elements. Leave ample space to move around your bedroom. Preferably, opt for built-in wardrobes. If you have space constraints, you can go for built-in dresser as well.

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