Built-in Kitchen Island

Built-in kitchen island, as the name suggests, is an island integrated into the kitchen. And unlike portable islands or kitchen carts, the built-in kitchen island is immovable. This stationary nature of the built-in island may seem restraining to some, but the truth is that it scores high on the utility factor. Let’s see how.

Built-in Kitchen Island

Built-in Kitchen Island

Is built-in kitchen island right for you?

  • A built-in kitchen island is an ideal choice if you have a spacious kitchen. It would provide you a convenient countertop, additional storage space and also add to the kitchen aesthetics.
  • Built-in kitchen islands are a popular choice for open kitchens. They act as the perfect transition space between the kitchen and the surrounding spaces. So if you have an open kitchen, built-in kitchen islands are highly recommended.
  • These islands are non-portable and hence are not suggested if you are staying in a rented accommodation. On the other hand, incorporating a built-in kitchen island in your own house significantly increases its value and is considered a great investment.
Built-in Kitchen Island with Cooktop

Built-in Kitchen Island with Cooktop

Advantages of Built-in Kitchen Islands

  • Built-in kitchen islands can be put to heavy duty usage. They are sturdier as compared to kitchen carts and thus can house grain silos, bulky utensils and large kitchen appliances. Also, as the built-in island is immovable, you need not worry about weight.
  • The built-in kitchen island allows you to have a convenient breakfast nook or dining space integrated into the kitchen. The island can also be customized to act as a small bar equipped with bar stools.
  • The built-in kitchen island provides you an unmatched advantage as it can be equipped with plumbing fittings. Thus, you can easily integrate a sink with the built-in kitchen to use it for dish washing purposes.
  • The built-in kitchen also allows you to provide electrical sockets. Thus, the built-in kitchen island is an excellent abode for electrical appliances. Dishwasher, washing machine, oven, juicer, toaster, cooktop, etc. can be supported by the built-in kitchen island.
  • This island can be used as a cooktop. Provide a chimney above the cooktop and you would be good to go.

Thus, the built-in kitchen island is the perfect option for your kitchen if you have enough space. It not only diversifies the uses to which your kitchen can be put to, but also enhances its value and aesthetics.

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