Dining Interiors

Whenever we want to have an informal discussion with anyone, we prefer to have it over a cup of coffee, at lunch or even at dinner. Having a meal together instills a sense of closeness with the other person. That is how human psychology works. And the same applies to our home. If you think back, you would realize that most quality interactions in your family happened over a meal. At breakfast, you discuss your plans for the day and at dinner you talk about how your day has been. Due to this reason, the dining interiors needs special attention.

The dining space should ideally be given a central location in the house. It acts as a transition space between the formal and the informal area. Therefore, in most home designs the dining space is a connecting zone linking the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and other spaces. The latest trend is to keep the dining space open, so it is not a dining room but rather a dining space. People prefer to have a large hall accommodating both the living and dining space, or have an arched opening between the two spaces. The arched opening gives the liberty of having a combined living and dining space; at the same time allowing the segregation of the two spaces using curtains. Open kitchen with dining space is another widely-adopted option. The proximity of kitchen to the dining space is mandatory. It assures convenience in taking the food to the table and helps bring back the used crockery for wash.

Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Room

The dining space has a strategic location in the house, thus the dining interiors should be treated likewise. They should reflect the elegance of your living room and provide the warmth of your bedroom. It should invoke a sense of comfort in you, your family, your friends and others who experience this space. Though the main purpose of the dining space is to satiate your appetite, it can be extended to other uses like study space for your kids, informal chit-chat spot with your friends and leisure area for your family. To handle these multiple functions the dining interiors should be designed accordingly. Let us look at the elements which make up our dining interiors.

Dining Interiors – Furniture

The inevitable element of the dining room interiors is of course the dining table. The dining table should be the focus of your dining space. An important factor to consider here is the size of the table you should opt for your dining interiors. Never cram the dining table into the dining space. The dining table demands sufficient maneuvering space around it. If you are a 4-member family and your parents visit you often, go for a 6-seater table foldable to 4-seater. This will save you space without compromising the functionality of your dining interiors. Other ways of making your dining interiors look spacious is by selecting low height dining chairs which hid beneath the dining table or using a glass table top. Wood is the most preferred material for dining furniture, wood base with glass or stone table tops are extensively used. The ideal dining table height is 2ft-6in. Do not experiment with the table height because in this case comfort is far more important than aesthetics. If your kids are unable to reach the table, you can have a couple of long-legged chairs to make them comfortable. Another feature you can look for in the dining table is storage. A platform is provided beneath the table surface to place cutlery, crockery and other essential dining accessories. To ease serving on the dining table, select a table with a rotatable centre.

Kitchen-cum-dining Interiors

Kitchen-cum-dining Interiors

Other furniture to adorn your dining interiors may include a crockery cabinet. You can flaunt your beautiful crockery here as well as put them to good use. If you want to have a mini bar in your house, then the dining space is the ideal location for it. One or two small couches can add to your dining interiors decor.

Dining Interiors – Lighting

Another important aspect of dining interiors is lighting-both natural and artificial. Your dining interiors should get ample natural light. During breakfast and lunch, a well-lit dining space lends a lively mood to the dining experience. Similarly, it is essential to have sufficient artificial lighting to light up every nook and corner of your dining interiors at night. A modern trend in dining interiors is the use of chandeliers. The chandelier is fixed above the centre of the dining table to draw attention to the focal point of the dining interiors.

Dining Interiors – Flooring

As true for flooring of other parts of the house, the dining room flooring should also be comfortable, elegant, durable and easy to clean and maintain. Carpets are a popular part of dining interiors. Laying a carpet or rug below the dining table makes the dining experience rich. It also adds to the aesthetics of the dining interiors. It is advisable to avoid carpets if you have kids at home as they are prone to spill.

Dining Room Lighting

Dining Room Lighting

Dining Room Interiors – Walls

It is preferable to go with light colors for your dining interiors. Colors complementing the furniture and flooring suit best. You can also treat one of the walls with an appealing shade or texture and hang paintings or photo frames.

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