Famous Clerestory Windows

Clerestory window is an amazing architectural element. It adds to the aesthetics of the interiors, brings in ample daylight and  lends spaciousness. Because of these reasons and many more, clerestory windows have adorned many famous buildings. Here are a few examples of famous clerestory windows in famous buildings.

Famous Clerestory Windows – Ennis House

It is well known that Frank Lloyd Wright has integrated this wonderful architectural element in many of his famous works. The image below shows the interiors of the incredible Ennis House. The Ennis House is one of the greatest and most famous works of Frank Lloyd Wright. It has historic landmark and is considered among the best residences of all time. In the Ennis House, the clerestory windows with ornamental grill make their mark on the building elevation and also magnificently light up the interiors. The picture clearly shows the impact of the clerestory windows on the interiors of Ennis House.

Clerestory Window at Ennis House

Clerestory Window at Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright

The image below shows the exteriors of the Ennis House.

Ennis House-by F.L.Wright

Ennis House-by F.L.Wright

Famous Clerestory Windows – BIAL

Clerestory windows are popularly used in contemporary buildings as well. The image below shows the use of clerestory windows in the Bangalore International Airport, India. The roof of the airport is designed to accommodate parallel rows of clerestory windows. These windows have a significant impact on the aesthetics of the airport. The extensive clerestory windows serve as a great source of light; thereby reducing the power consumption of the building.

Clerestory Window at Bangalore Airport

Clerestory Windows at Bangalore Airport

Clerestory windows are definitely a great value add to any building. Be it residential or commercial, clerestory windows have proved their worth in all types of buildings.

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