Famous Juliet Balcony

Famous Juliet Balcony – An exemplary work demonstrating extensive use of juliet balconies is the famous Casa Mila by Antoni Gaudi. Built in the early 20th century, the Casa Mila is still considered one of the landmark architectural works in Barcelona, Spain. Characterized by its distinctive architectural style, the Casa Mila is famous for its unique facade and ornamentation elements.

The facade of this building features an array of juliet balconies – full height windows guarded by beautifully designed railings. Interestingly, the repetitive elements – windows and railings – are of varying sizes and thus do not render the facade monotonous. Moreover, the juliet balconies are an amazing source of daylight for the Casa Mila interiors. The window panes are transparent, thus making these decorative railings a part of the interior decor as well.

Famous Juliet Balcony at Casa Mila

Famous Juliet Balcony at Casa Mila

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