Famous POP Ceiling

The unique and most remarkable quality of plaster of Paris (POP) is its moldability. POP can be easily cast into any shape. This characteristic makes POP an ideal material for ornamental ceilings. Over centuries plaster of Paris has been used to create exceptional ceiling designs. Let’s have a look at the famous POP ceiling by Antoni Gaudi.

Famous POP Ceiling at Casa Batllo

Famous POP Ceiling at Casa Batllo

Famous POP ceiling at Casa Batllo

One of the classic examples of extraordinary plaster ceiling is the swirl ceiling designed by Antoni Gaudi at Casa Batllo. Restored by Gaudi in the early 20th century, the Casa Batllo is hailed as one of the most famous works of the architect. This building flaunts Gaudi’s distinctive style of architecture with undulations and ceramic decoration on the facade, roof, chimneys, balconies and other features of the building. The curvilinear characteristic is extended to the building interior elements like the ceilings, staircases, railings and arches. Gaudi has extensively used POP to create wave-live forms in the ceiling. The most remarkable of the ceiling forms designed by Gaudi for Casa Batllo is the swirl ceiling culminating into a decorative lamp. The swirl ceiling is a striking feature of the Casa Batllo and marks Gaudi’s unique style of interior decor.


Casa Mila’s famous POP ceiling

Another famous work of Gaudi featuring ornamental plaster work on ceilings is the Casa Mila. The Casa Mila boasts of Gaudi architecture with biomorphic forms adorning the building. The building facade is undulated with decorative wrought iron railings in the balconies. Gaudi’s unique style is reflected in the ceiling design of the building which flaunts aesthetic curvilinear forms.

Famous POP Ceiling at Casa Mila

Famous POP Ceiling at Casa Mila

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