Hallway Design

Hallway design is usually neglected by most of us. Probably because this space does not have any particular function assigned to it. We know that the kitchen is meant for cooking, the bedroom will have the bed, the living room will entertain guests, the dining is for meals; but we are clueless about the hallway design. And this leaves a significant space of the house underutilized  So let’s look at the various ways to adorn the hallway.

Hallway Design

Hallway Design

Wallpaper for hallway design

The first thing which puts one off while experiencing a hallway is plain mundane walls. So pep up your hallway with lively wallpapers. This is an easy and cost effective way to make the hallway interesting. The wallpaper theme can relate to the adjoining spaces. For example, a hallway leading to the kid’s room can have cute cartoon wallpapers to set the theme. The colour of the wallpaper should be carefully chosen. As hallways are usually narrow spaces, pick a light coloured wallpaper to make it appear roomy. Go for dark colours only if you have a spacious hallway.

Paintings and photographs for hallway walls

It is a common practice to decorate hallway walls with paintings and photographs. A series of paintings or a collage of family photographs can work wonders for your hallway. This creates a focal point in the hallway and makes the hallway experience enjoyable. It entices a person to pause and take notice of the hallway décor rather than ignore it as just a transition space. If your hallway ends in a wall, it is a great idea to adorn this wall with an impressive painting. Spot lights can be installed to make it more attractive.

Design Hallway with runners, carpets and rugs

Carpeting the hallway or decorating it with runners and rugs is an ideal way to make it a cozy part of the house. These elements also help you accentuate the hallway theme. For contemporary style hallways, go for plain or striped rugs. Runners with ornamental designs suit ethnic hallways. You can also extend the carpeting of the adjoining rooms to the hallway to visually integrate the spaces.

Hallway Design - Seating

Hallway Design – Seating

Hallway furniture

The hallway can be put to good use, provided it is equipped with the right furniture. The choice of furniture should primarily be dictated by the location of the hallway and the spaces around it. Hallways leading to the entrance can benefit from shoe cabinets. Provide a couple of stools or chairs to aid their use. You can also have coat racks and auxiliary storage like drawers to keep necessary articles handy. If you are fond of books but lack space for a library, the hallway can be turned into one. Provide open bookshelves and comfortable seating in the hallway to make it your private niche. Another great use for the hallway is of course storage. Wall cabinets can be provided along one or both sides of the hallway depending on its width. If you have a narrow hallway, provide cabinets with sliding doors. Alternatively, recessed cabinets can also be provided to optimize space utilization. Hallways which receive ample daylight can be turned into spaces for leisure. Provide comfortable seating by the window to make the hallway a well-utilized space of the house. You can opt for bay windows with built-in seating to add to the hallway attraction.

The easiest way to decorate the hallway is by providing a console. A console is a narrow table or cabinet which can be used for minimal storage and also be adorned with various hallway accessories. A range of designer consoles are available which can make a mark on your hallway design.

Hallway Design - Accessories

Hallway Design – Accessories

Hallway Accessories

Hallway design is incomplete without accessories. And though there is no dearth of ideas on how to accessorise the hallway, here are a few accessories commonly used for hallway design.
Lamps: Lamps have proved to be great eye-catchers for hallways. Go for tall sleek lamps on both sides of the hallway to light it up elegantly. You can also adorn the hallway console with lamps.
Mirrors: A smart way to make a narrow hallway look spacious is by putting this excellent accessory to work. Beautiful mirrors make a great statement and may also aid you for that final touch of make-up.
Plants and flower pots: Bring nature into your hallway with plants and flower pots. This lends a soothing touch and is more suited to hallways with adequate daylight.

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