Kitchen Counter Backsplash

The kitchen walls are invariably exposed to cooking fumes and moisture. Especially the walls behind the hob and sink can’t escape stains from oily fumes, grease and splashes of water. To prevent this and ensure the longevity and aesthetics of the kitchen wall, a backsplash is provided. The kitchen counter backsplash is a cladding on the kitchen wall extending from the counter to the wall cabinets. This not only prevents the wall from staining but also enhances the kitchen aesthetics.

Kitchen Counter Backsplash

Kitchen Counter Backsplash

In contemporary kitchens, the backsplash has emerged as an essential and impactful element of kitchen design. In fact, the choice of backsplash material can completely transform your kitchen interiors. So, let’s discuss the important characteristics of a good backsplash material.

Kitchen Counter Backsplash – Essential Features

  • Grease and Water resistant – The kitchen backsplash has to withstand cooking fumes and moisture. Thus, it is essential that the backsplash material is impervious to the effects of dampness and stains.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – The backsplash area is proned to get dirty, so pick a material which can be easily cleaned. A low maintenance material is ideal for kitchen backsplash.
  • Durable – The durability of the material is another factor which should be taken into account while designing the backsplash. Replacing the backsplash can impact the kitchen counter, cabinets, range hoods, sink mixer and other elements of the kitchen. So, use a hard wearing material for the kitchen counter backsplash.
  • Aesthetic – The kitchen aesthetics is significantly governed by the backsplash design and material. It immediately draws attention and acts as the focal point of the kitchen. Nowadays, a wide range of materials are used for kitchen backsplash. So, let’s look at the various backsplash materials.
Stone Kitchen Backsplash

Stone Kitchen Counter Backsplash

Kitchen Counter Backsplash Materials

The most common backsplash material is of course, stone. Stone is unmatched in terms of strength, durability and aesthetics. Most kitchen counters also use stone and this makes it easier to mix-and-match the backsplash. Stone also allows you to opt for larger sized tiles thereby reducing joints. This makes cleaning and maintenance very convenient. Textured stone is also a very popular backsplash material. Install under-cabinet lights to accentuate the effect of textured stone backsplash. Stones frequently used for kitchen backsplashes are marble, granite, limestone, travertine and slate.

Another material which is gaining immense popularity as a backsplash material is glass tile. Glass tiles are available in a huge range of colors and gradients. So there is no dearth of variety when it comes to glass tiles and you can easily match it with your kitchen interiors. Aesthetically, glass tiles are an excellent backsplash material. These tiles are very lustrous and add vibrance to the kitchen interiors. Also, glass tiles are resistant to moisture and stains. Unlike stone tiles, glass tiles are small in size and hence the grouts need to be periodically cleaned to maintain the beauty of the backsplash.

Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Tile Kitchen Counter Backsplash

An inexpensive and adorable backsplash material is ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles offer great variety in terms of color, design, texture and patterns. Moreover, these tiles are water resistant and can be easily cleaned off grease and dirt. The popularity of ceramic tiles can be attributed to the ease with which beautiful backsplash patterns and designs can be created using these tiles.

A recent addition to the list of backsplash materials is metal. Various metals like stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, tin, copper, etc. are available in form of tiles or sheets which can be used for kitchen backsplashes. Metals can also be easily patterned to form aesthetic kitchen backsplashes.

Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash

Other backsplash materials which can be used for kitchen are solid surface, terracotta tiles, bricks, concrete tiles etc. For backsplash avoid materials which need more grouting as the grouts tend to accumulate dirt. If you are going for patterns, avoid deep engraving as these also make cleaning difficult.

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