Kitchen Interiors

Kitchen is an imperative part of the house. Being the most functional and frequented spaces in the house; the kitchen demands attention to detail in terms of its design, planning and interiors. An efficient kitchen design should focus on offering a space which is attractive, comfortable, convenient, delightful to work in and easy to maintain. Deciding the optimum kitchen design is a challenging task, more so because it is difficult to alter this space. So, the recommended practice is to spend time and effort while planning the kitchen interiors because a well-designed kitchen is an asset you can boast of.

Kitchen Interiors

Kitchen Interiors

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Kitchen Interiors – Layout design

Kitchen design layout is primarily dependent on its functional zones- cooking, preparation, washing and storage. The cooking zone includes the stove and oven. Preparation zone refers to the slab used for cutting and peeling vegetables, it may also include juicer, mixer and grinder. The washing zone is the sink and the storage area consists of the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. These four zones should be so arranged that they are within easy reach of the user and require minimum maneuver.

Kitchen interiors – Countertops

Another important aspect of the kitchen design is the countertop. It defines both the workspace and the storage area of the kitchen interiors. The minimum width of the kitchen countertop is 1’6” and its height is 3’6”. This height may be adjusted based on the convenience of the user. Depending on the size and shape of the kitchen, the kitchen counter can be linear, L-shaped or U-shaped. A variety of materials are available for kitchen countertops. The most popular being stone countertops of marble, granite, soapstone. Other options include metals like stainless steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, ceramic tiles and plastic materials. It is essential to choose an appropriate material which is aesthetic, easy to clean and maintain, durable and resilient.

Kitchen Interiors – Walls

Light colors are best suited to kitchen interiors. It gives the feeling of space and makes the kitchen interiors look bright and lively. It is a common practice to clad the kitchen walls with tiles as they are easy to clean, resistant to water and oil, long-lasting and lend the kitchen interiors an excellent look. Tiles may cover the entire kitchen walls up to the height of the door.

Kitchen Interiors – Flooring

Few basic factors dictate the materials apt for kitchen flooring. Kitchen floors should be easy to clean and maintain, water resistant, hard-wearing and anti-skid. Antiskid ceramic, vitrified and stone tiles are the most preferred options. Wood laminate, linoleum and vinyl are a few other materials which can be used for kitchen flooring. Though wood is not the recommended choice for kitchen flooring, a smart alternative is tiles resembling wood texture.

Kitchen Interiors Storage

Kitchen Interiors Storage

Kitchen Interiors – Storage

The key to an efficient kitchen interior design is the optimum utility of its storage space. The kitchen storage can be classified depending on their location and utility.

Lower Kitchen Storage

Storage below the kitchen counter falls in this category. This provides ideal storage for heavy utensils and large containers. The most frequented utensils can be stored here. Kitchen cabinets with sliding doors have become commonplace for lower kitchen storage. You can also hide your dustbin and sink bottom behind these cabinets.

Upper Kitchen Storage

You can have both open and closed storage over the kitchen counter. The open counter can house daily items like salt, sugar, coffee, condiments, etc., whereas the closed storage can accommodate cereals, pulses, moderately-sized utensils, etc. You can even have a glass-leaved cabinet to flaunt your crockery. Avoid any storage directly above the stove.

Loft Kitchen Storage

This space can be used to store your utensil and kitchen appliance cartons and rarely frequented items.

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The latest trend in kitchen design is modular kitchen. Modular kitchen refers to ready-to-install prefabricated units assembled to form the kitchen interiors. Kitchen has always been the most functional area of the house, and thus the most tedious to maintain. And our present lifestyles leave us with little time to devote to such activities. Here modular kitchen designs comes to our rescue. read more>>

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen is extremely space efficient. As the kitchen is not restricted by walls, valuable space is saved. The concept of open kitchen facilitates sharing of space between the adjoining areas. This leads to spaces which flow into each other, lending a spacious feel to the integrated area. read more>>

Small Space Kitchen

Space constraints in a heavy-duty area like the kitchen can be challenging to the user. Nevertheless, a small kitchen need not be a disheartening one. Rather you can reap its benefits, for e.g. all items would be within your easy reach, so lesser energy spent wandering in the kitchen; smaller space means lesser area to clean and maintain; also you can get a fabulous kitchen with lesser money spent. read more>>

Single Wall Kitchen

A compact kitchen layout frequently adopted for space constrained interiors is the single wall kitchen. As the name suggests, in this layout the kitchen counter is along a single wall. The cooking, preparation and storage zones are arranged in a linear fashion. read more>>

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen is a common and efficient kitchen layout. This layout utilizes two perpendicular wall lengths for the counter space. Hence, it enables a good work triangle for the kitchen. The cooking/preparation zone can be along one wall whereas the washing/storage can be against the other. read more>>

Kitchen Island

A built-in kitchen island, as the name suggests, is an island integrated into the kitchen. And unlike portable islands or kitchen carts, the built-in kitchen island is immovable. This stationary nature of the built-in island may seem restraining to some, but the truth is that it scores high on the utility factor. read more>>

Kitchen Peninsula

The kitchen peninsula is a section of the kitchen countertop/cabinetry which extends from the kitchen wall and has open space on three sides. The birth of kitchen peninsula can be attributed to the concept of open kitchens, where the peninsula acts as a transition space between the kitchen and the surrounding spaces. read more>>

Kitchen Island Cart

A kitchen island cart can be visualized as a kitchen island on wheels. The portable nature of this furniture not only makes it a great addition to the kitchen but also allows you to extend the fun of culinary activities beyond the kitchen. The island cart can be put to good use in the kitchen as preparation area and storage space. It can also be utilized in other spaces as a breakfast table or a small bar or server. read more>>

Kitchen Island Storage

The immense popularity of kitchen islands can be attributed to the storage space they provide. You must be familiar that the kitchen island can be put to numerous uses. To mention a few, it can serve as a convenient breakfast nook, a decent cooktop, a countertop for culinary preparation, a small bar for hanging out with friends, etc. All these activities demand storage and the kitchen island can be easily equipped to cater to these storage needs. read more>>

Kitchen Countertop Materials

The kitchen is a heavy duty area and all the activities that take place in this space are centered around the countertop. Thus, kitchen countertops play a vital role in kitchen interiors. Both aesthetically and functionally, the kitchen countertops make a significant contribution to the kitchen. read more>>

Kitchen Counter Backsplash

The kitchen walls are invariably exposed to cooking fumes and moisture. Especially the walls behind the hob and sink can’t escape stains from oily fumes, grease and splashes of water. To prevent this and ensure the longevity and aesthetics of the kitchen wall, a backsplash is provided. The kitchen counter backsplash is a cladding on the kitchen wall extending from the counter to the wall cabinets. This not only prevents the wall from staining but also enhances the kitchen aesthetics. read more>>

U-shaped Kitchen

Regarded as one of the most efficient kitchen layouts, the U-shaped kitchen has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and convenience. This kitchen layout derives numerous benefits from its shape. In fact, the U-shaped layout is answer to a majority of design challenges faced while planning the kitchen. read more>>

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