Living Room Interiors

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Living room interiors is the gateway to one’s house. It is the foremost space of the house which an outsider experiences. So, the living space is your chance to make a lasting impression. Frankly, anyone visiting you for the first time will judge you by your living room. That is why; the living room interiors should reflect your persona and taste. It should be who you are.

Living Room Interiors

Living Room Interiors

Over the ages, living room interiors has always demanded and deserved special attention. One primary reason behind this is the multitude of activities it supports. Right from being a space to entertain guests, to a gathering zone for chit-chat with friends, to your personal recluse for reading a book- the living room accommodates all this and more. So, let’s see how we can make the best of our living room interiors. provides you simple and easy tips for living room, living room interiors, living interior designs, the living room space ideas, interiors for living room, living room decor, living room furniture ideas, living room decoration and style, design your living room interiors ideas and more.

The living room space

  • The living space should be so placed that any visitor is automatically drawn towards it. If you have an entrance foyer, then it should intuitively lead to the living room space. Demarcate your living space entrance with a grand arch or plush curtains. Try to incorporate an element of surprise.
  • Needless to say, the living room space should be elegant. It should shower the warmth of hospitality.
  • Your living room interiors should be unified by a theme. Based on what you expect from your living room space, you can opt for a contemporary style living space or a rustic décor living interior or any other style to your taste. But, make sure that every element of the living space adheres to the theme. This is the first step to a great living room space.
  • The use your living space is put to should decide what it comprises of. Is it a formal space to entertain guests or a casual space for friends to gather or an informal zone for the family? The furniture and components of the living room space should be customized to its use. For e.g. you might not like the T.V. to be a part of the living space if you use it only for formal interaction. If you use your living room space for relaxing and reading, a recliner and bookshelf might be appropriate.
  • Do not stuff your living room space with too many elements. Choose the functional elements first and then prioritize the decorative items. Only use what suits your living room space theme.

Let’s look at the various factors influencing the living room interiors.

Living Room Interiors Furniture

Living Room Interiors Furniture

Living room interiors – Furniture

The living room interiors can boast of a variety of furniture and you should pick according to the demand of your living room. The furniture for the living room space can range from sofas, chairs, tables, showcases, T.V. cabinets, divans, recliners, racks, bookshelves, chest of drawers, stools, shelves and so-on. The inevitable component is the sofa set. It is important to opt for the right size of sofa set for your living room. Do not cramp your living room with an oversized sofa set. If you do not wish to compromise with the seating of your living space, it is advisable to opt for wood or cane stools with the sofa. The sofa can be accessorized with beautiful cushions. Cushions have become popular elements of modern living interiors. The showcase is another piece which adds significantly to the living room décor. You can flaunt you show pieces, antiques, vases and other decorative items here. The size, shape, material and design of the showcase can be experimented with. For traditional décor living rooms, carved wood furniture and leather sofa look more apt, whereas for modern living room spaces, use glass table tops, sleek wood furniture and fabric sofa to lend the living room interiors a contemporary look.

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Living room interiors – Walls, Ceiling and Floor

The living room walls, ceiling and floor dictate the essence of your living room space. Take care that these three elements are designed in harmony. The living room walls allow ample scope for experimentation. You can create multiple varied size alcoves in the wall and use the wall as a showcase. Light these alcoves to make the wall look special. You can also treat one of the walls with wood finish tiles, or stone to lend your living room interiors a unique look. To draw attention to the main wall (i.e. the wall with the showcase, or with the T.V. cabinet, etc.) treat it with a contrasting color and finish.

You can also create small slit windows in the living room walls and keep small plants there. These slits can act as source of mysterious light for your living room interiors.

The living room ceiling can add grandeur to your living room interiors. For traditional living room décor, opt for ornamented POP ceiling with a chandelier. Contemporary style room living interiors demand plain finish ceiling with a couple of sleek pendant lights. Recessed ceiling with cove lighting is another widely adopted modern ceiling design for living room interiors. You can also wood panel the ceiling, but make sure that the ceiling is subdued with respect to the interiors.

Living room floors should be comfortable and elegant. Marble, wood and vitrified tiles are the most commonly used materials for living room floors. Carpeting is another feasible option, but as this space is subjected to outsiders maintenance might be a problem for carpet floors. Rather, it is preferred to use small carpets and rugs to decorate the living room floors. Choose materials which are easy to maintain and last long.

Living room interiors – Accessories

It is a norm to accessorize the living room interiors. The popular living room accessories are cushions, curtains, carpets, rugs, paintings, wall hangings, lamps, statues, fountains, vases, etc. These elements are ingredients to an ideal living room. Do not let any nook or corner of your living room look dull. Accessorize! Even an ordinary lamp can lend the extraordinary touch your living room deserves.

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Bring nature to your living room space

Bring nature to your living space

Bring nature to your living space

If your house boasts of a garden or pool, extend its presence to the living room. There is nothing as pleasant as the lush green of your garden or as soothing as the pool blue. Let your living room overlook the garden (or pool) by incorporating an operable glass wall or low sill windows. Don’t worry if you are devoid of a garden. If you have a terrace or balcony adjoining your living room, you can create the same effect with potted plants. Another option is to plant a creeper and support it using your living room window grills. You can also include a small fountain in your living room to lend it a mystic feel. Make sure that your living room gets ample natural light.

Break the monotony

Living room is meant for experimentation. It should break the norms of an everyday space. It should be special. So try experimenting with curved or slanted walls, full-length windows, corner windows, arched doors, double-height ceiling, stepped entrance, etc. These would make your living room interiors look adorable.

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