Modular Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are key elements of a kitchen. They make the kitchen experience smooth and efficient. Needless to say, kitchen appliances are must have constituents of any kitchen design. But, conventional kitchen appliances can mar the kitchen aesthetics. The primary reason for this is the lack of integration of the kitchen appliances with the kitchen interiors.  Also, the design/finish of the kitchen appliances are not synchronized with that of the kitchen cabinets. This discord can be addressed by the use of modular kitchen appliances.

Modular Kitchen Appliances

Modular Kitchen Appliances

Modular kitchens offer great value addition in the form of modular kitchen appliances. They allow the selection of appliances which blend with the kitchen interiors and enhance the kitchen aesthetics. These also score high on the functional aspect. A wide range of kitchen appliances are available which can transform your kitchen into an appealing work zone. Let’s first look at the various advantages of modular kitchen appliances.

  • Modular kitchen appliances are integrated with the kitchen cabinets. This built-in feature saves valuable space in the kitchen. The kitchen interiors look trim and elegant.
  • The modular kitchen appliances blend with the kitchen interiors. The design and finish of the kitchen appliances can be matched with that of the kitchen interiors. This ensures seamless integration between the appliances and the kitchen cabinets.
  • The wiring and conduits used for the appliances are concealed. This gives a neat look to the kitchen.
Let’s look at the different kitchen appliances we can use in our kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Appliances

  • Integrated Microwave
Modular Kitchen Appliances - Integrated Microwave

Integrated Microwave

  • Integrated Dishwasher
Modular Kitchen Appliances - Integrated Dishwasher

Integrated Dishwasher

  • Built-in Hob
Modular Kitchen Appliances - Built-in Hob

Built-in Hob

  • Integrated Oven
Modular Kitchen Appliances - Integrated Oven

Integrated Oven

  • Integrated Refrigerator/ Wine Cooler
Modular Kitchen Appliances - Integrated Refrigerator/ Wine Cooler

Integrated Refrigerator/ Wine Cooler

  • Kitchen Vent Hood
Modular Kitchen Appliances - Kitchen Vent Hood

Kitchen Vent Hood

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