Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Modular kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of designs and finishes. Each of these designs are extremely functional and cater to specific needs in the kitchen. That is why, choosing the right modular cabinet for the right zone of the kitchen is essential to make your kitchen user friendly. So, let’s look at the types of modular kitchen cabinets and their ideal zone of installation.

The modular kitchen cabinets can be broadly classified into three types – the under-counter cabinets or the base cabinets, the overhead cabinets or the wall cabinets; and the tall cabinets or larder cabinets. The internal configuration of these cabinets are thoughtfully designed to provide a hassle-free kitchen experience.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Under-Counter Cabinets or Base Modular Kitchen Cabinets

As the name suggests, the base cabinets are installed under the counter of the kitchen. The heavy duty kitchen cookware, appliances, hob, sink and items of similar nature feature in the base cabinets of the modular kitchen.

Cutlery Drawers - Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Cutlery Drawers – Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Cutlery Drawers

Cutlery drawers are shallow drawers which are provided in the top zone of the base cabinets. All cutlery items can be easily stored in these drawers. Ideally, the cutlery drawer should be provided close to the hob so that it can be easily accessed while cooking. The base cabinet below the hob usually houses the cutlery drawer.

Cutlery drawers should also be provided in the base cabinets of breakfast counters. Kitchen islands serving as buffet tables can also utilize cutlery drawers. Cutlery drawer inserts are readily available in the market and these can turn any shallow drawer into a well-organized cutlery drawer.

Pan Drawers – Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Pan Drawers – Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Pan Drawers

Similar to cutlery drawers, pan drawers are used for storing cookware. These drawers are deeper than cutlery drawers and can be provided below the cutlery drawers. At least one pan drawer is provided below the hob so that utensils used for cooking are within easy reach. You can opt for any number of pan drawers in the kitchen depending on the cookware you need to store.

Pull out Spice Drawer

A great addition to modular kitchen base cabinets is the pull out spice drawer. This is a narrow vertical unit with shelves to stack spice jars. As the entire depth of the counter is utilized, the spice drawers offer ample space to store spices. So, a pull out spice drawer is a compact and efficient modular kitchen unit. This base cabinet should  feature close to the cooking zone. The pull out spice rack is usually provided next to the base cabinet below the hob. The spice drawer ensures that all the spices are stored together and are handy while cooking.

Pull Out Spice Drawer - Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Pull Out Spice Drawer – Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Pull Out Bottle Drawer

Modular kitchen cabinets also offer pull out drawers for bottles. These drawers are similar to the spice drawers with more gap between shelves to accommodate tall bottles. These pull out drawers are great for organizing bottles. Oils, ketchup, sauces and other bottled items can be stacked here.

Pull Out Shelves and Pull Out Wire Baskets

Conventional kitchens usually feature cabinets with shelves inside and doors to close them. Modular kitchens offer an upgraded version of these cabinets. These may be single door or double door cabinets with pull out shelves or pull out wire baskets inside. The easy to pull out elements improve accessibility to the deeper zones of the cabinet. These wire baskets/shelves rest on channels and can be easily detached for cleaning and maintenance. You can also choose the depth of the wire baskets depending on what you need to store. In case of deeper pull outs, the pull out basket is integrated with the cabinet face and serves as a drawer.

Pull Out Wire Baskets - Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Pull Out Wire Baskets – Modular Kitchen Cabinets

The wire pull outs are available in various arrangements which can be utilized as plate racks, bowl racks, bottle racks, spice racks etc. These cabinets should be provided in the storage zone of the kitchen. They can be best used for vegetables, groceries, cookware, kitchen towel and other kitchen stores.

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