Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular kitchen designs are the latest trend in contemporary kitchens. Modular kitchen refers to ready-to-install prefabricated units assembled to form the kitchen interiors. Kitchen has always been the most functional area of the house, and thus the most tedious to maintain. And our present lifestyles leave us with little time to devote to such activities. Here modular kitchen designs comes to our rescue.

Any interior space undergoes three phases during its entire lifecycle-the creation phase, the utility phase and the restoration phase. The advantage of modular kitchen designs is that it provides unmatched benefits in all the three phases.

Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular Kitchen Designs

Let’s talk about the creation phase first. You can walk into any modular kitchen store and choose from a range of exemplary modular kitchen designs displayed there. So, you know exactly how your kitchen would look when installed. You can choose the accessories of the modular kitchen as per your needs and place the order. The installers will survey your existing kitchen space, measure the dimensions and your kitchen will be ready in a week. So you can get your entire kitchen built with all the functionalities you aspire for in literally no time at all.

Moving to the next phase-the utility phase, the underlying principle governing the concept of modular kitchen designs is to provide a low maintenance space. Modular kitchens are compact, easy to clean and hassle-free. They are designed in such a manner that using and managing the kitchen and its elements become effortless.

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Restoration phase- another unmatched benefit provided by modular kitchens is that you can dismantle it from your existing kitchen and then reassemble it in your new kitchen. Many of us stay in rented houses or are unwilling to invest in our present dwelling due to the possibility of relocation, and thus restraint ourselves from spending money on interiors. Modular kitchen is an easy solution to this problem. You can take your kitchen with you just like any other furniture and install it at your new house.

Accessories for Modular Kitchen Designs

The key elements of modular kitchen are its accessories. To make your life simple and stress-free, modular kitchen provides a range of accessories to choose from. Each accessory has a specific function and utility, and based on your needs you can opt for them. Let’s discuss these accessories one by one.

Modular Kitchen Designs - Drawer

Modular Kitchen Drawer

Modular Kitchen Drawers

Modular kitchen drawers are easy slide-out units available in varying sizes and customized to house specific items. These are generally located in the lower storage area of the kitchen, i.e. below the countertop. There are separate low depth drawers to accommodate cutlery items (spoon, fork, knife, peeler, etc.), steel baskets to hold daily grocery items and dish racks to neatly arrange plates and saucers. You can also have sleek, taller drawer units for bottles.

Modular Kitchen Cupboards or Leaf Cabinets

Modular kitchen aims at the optimum utilization of space, so in most modular kitchen designs even the cabinet leaves are used as storage spaces. Small steel or plastic baskets are fixed to the cabinet leaves to accommodate small containers and utensils. The cupboard space can house pull-out steel baskets or dish racks. You can also opt for glass leaf cabinets to store beautiful crockery items. In many modular kitchens, the dustbin is attached to the leaf of a lower cabinet (usually the one below the sink) hiding it from direct view.

Modular Kitchen Designs - Corner Unit

Modular Kitchen Corner Unit

Modular Kitchen Corner Unit

In most kitchens, the corner spaces are left unutilized. This setback has been cleverly tackled by modular kitchen designers. Magic corners units providing rotatable or linked racks allow for extra storage in your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Tall Unit

Tall units are similar to wall height cupboards. They can house slide-out drawers or baskets or can have sliding doors with shelves.

Modular Kitchen Cabinets with Sliding Doors or Lift-up Doors or Rolling Shutter

You can also opt for fancy sliding doors or lift-up doors or rolling shutters to cover your cabinets. They look nice and are convenient as well.

Modular Kitchen Designs - Built-in Hob

Modular Kitchen Built-in Hob

Modular Kitchen Built-in Hob

You can do away with your stove and pick a modular kitchen with a built-in-hob. It gives your kitchen a tidy look.

Modular Kitchen Chimney

Though you can always opt for a separate chimney, incorporating the chimney as a part of the modular kitchen ensures that it is camouflaged with the kitchen interiors. The chimney can be given a similar finish as the cabinets or can be hidden by false cabinets.

Modular Kitchen Sink

The sink is also in-built as a part of the modular kitchen unit.

Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular Kitchen

Benefits of Modular Kitchen over Conventional Kitchen

  • Modular kitchen designs facilitate optimum space utilization
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Gives you the liberty to choose from a range of well-designed kitchen interiors
  • Modular kitchen designs are customizable to suit your needs
  • Abundant variety in terms of material, color, design and styles
  • Variety of accessories to choose from
  • In most cases, you know beforehand how your kitchen will look like, so chances of going wrong are low
  • Can be dismantled and reinstalled elsewhere
  • All elements are in harmony in terms of design
  • Modular kitchen designs can be worked out well in space-constrained kitchens

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