Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen is extremely space efficient. As the kitchen is not restricted by walls, valuable space is saved. The concept of open kitchen facilitates sharing of space between the adjoining areas. This leads to spaces which flow into each other, lending a spacious feel to the integrated area.

  • Open kitchen allows you to flaunt your kitchen décor. A well-designed kitchen is an asset to the home. And if you are spending big bucks to make your kitchen special, then why not exhibit it?
  • Unlike conventional kitchens, an open kitchen is not a mundane corner of the house. Usually integrated with the dining or living space, it acts as the activity hub. An open kitchen allows interaction with guests and other members of the house while cooking; making it a vibrant space of the house.
Open Kitchen Designs

Open Kitchen

  • Open kitchen eases the to-and-fro of food items and cutlery. Dining and living spaces are closely associated with the kitchen; so a kitchen-cum-dining or a large space accommodating living, dining and kitchen enhances the functioning of these spaces.
  • Open kitchen has a transition space which acts as a virtual wall between the kitchen and the adjoining spaces. This transition space can be put to numerous uses. In contemporary open kitchens, a kitchen island or a kitchen peninsula is provided to segregate the kitchen space. Kitchen islands and peninsulas provide additional storage and serve as efficient countertops.
  • The kitchen island and peninsula can also be utilized as a convenient breakfast nook.
  • An integrated space with the open kitchen, living and dining is ideal for entertaining guests over dinner.
  • It is easier to get natural light into your open kitchen. Even if your kitchen does not have an external wall to accommodate windows, light can flow in from the adjoining spaces. This makes the kitchen look airy and spacious.

Open Kitchen – Is it right for you?

Incorporating an open kitchen in the house has a few prerequisites. Firstly, it is essential to install an extractor hood or electric chimney to draw out the fumes and odor from the kitchen. In absence of the chimney, the open kitchen concept fails miserably. Open kitchens are not recommended for heavy-duty kitchens. It is extremely important to maintain the open kitchen well and keep it presentable round-the-clock. This may be difficult for kitchens which are extensively used. These kitchens cannot be left uncluttered, as an unorganized open kitchen impacts the décor of the surrounding spaces as well. So, opt for an open kitchen only if you can expend time and effort to take good care of it.


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