Small Space Bathroom

While designing our homes, we focus on the bedroom size, living room size, family room size, guest room size, dining room size; and in the process the bathroom is a bit neglected. And we try to squeeze the bathroom in whatever space we are left with. Actually, a small space bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean an ugly bathroom. You will be surprised to know that you can make your small space bathroom as comfortable and luxurious as any spacious one. Here are a few ways of doing so. provides you simple and easy tips for small bathroom, small space bathroom, small bathroom design, small space bathroom interiors, small space bathroom design, and more.

Small Space Bathroom

Small Space Bathroom

Use the right colors for your small space bathroom

It is well-known that light colors accentuate the sense of space. The same holds true for small space bathrooms. Use light-colored tiles for your bathroom walls. Also, using glazed tiles make the bathroom walls reflective and the bathroom appears spacious. For best results, tile your bathroom walls till the ceiling. The more the glazed tile area the more open your bathroom will appear. For bathroom floors, it is usually recommended to go for darker shades so that maintenance is easy. But, for small space bathrooms the flooring should also be light-colored. Pastel shades look great for small bathroom floors as they make the bathroom look open and aid maintenance. Unlike the bathroom walls, glazed tiles should not be preferred for bathroom floors as they render the floors slippery. Bathroom fixtures for small space bathrooms should preferably be light-colored, though other colors can also be used for fixtures.

Small space bathroom should not have the door hassle

You might have observed that the door makes a lot of valuable space unusable. Unfortunately, in case of bathrooms you cannot do away with the door. The simple, easy and efficient solution is a sliding door. The sliding door saves you a lot of space which can be used to accommodate important functions of the bathroom. To improve your bathroom aesthetics, use a frosted glass sliding door.
If you have space constraint in your bathroom, DO NOT opt for a hinged door. Even if the door opens outwards, it might be hazardous to people using the space to which the door opens.

Light up your small space bathroom

Light is extremely important for a small space bathroom. In fact, even your spacious bathroom can look undersized and dingy in absence of sufficient light. Your bathroom should have access to adequate natural and artificial light. If you don’t have sufficient wall space for a window, opt for an above lintel level clerestory window. If that too is not possible, go for a skylight window. Equally essential is having ample artificial lighting for your small space bathroom. Go for lighting fixtures which brighten up your bathroom as well as add aesthetic touch. Recessed lighting and cove lighting are other feasible options.

Small space bathrooms should utilize the corners

Work out the corner spaces in small space bathrooms. This will save you a lot of valuable space. The best way out is using corner bathroom fixtures. Modern bathroom fixtures are available in all shapes and sizes; and corner units are not new. Instead of going for small bathroom fixtures, you can pick moderately-sized corner wash basins and water closets. It will make the majority of the bathroom wall appear free and the bathroom with look spacious. Bathroom storage can also be accommodated in the corners. You can either have rounded stone slabs providing open storage or small corner cabinets.

Small Space Bathroom Alcove Storage

Small Space Bathroom Alcove Storage

Small space bathrooms should borrow space from walls and adjoining rooms

In the house, only external walls are designed as 9” walls. So, if your bathroom has only one or two externals walls, the other internal walls can be 4.5”. Keep this in mind while designing your bathroom, especially if you have a space constraint. This might appear insignificant but it is true that walls take up a LOT of space in the house. Create wall recesses to store bathroom necessities. You can also light up these recesses using small light fixtures to beautify your small space bathroom. Storage cabinets can also be formed in the wall recesses.

It is not necessary that your bathroom plan should be rectangular or square. An L-shaped space can also be designed into a beautiful bathroom, or your bathroom can even have a curved wall. So, don’t hesitate to borrow space from the adjoining rooms. There might be unused or not so used space in the adjoining rooms which can give your small space bathroom a new and refreshing look.

Use elements which aid in keeping your small space bathroom clean

A cluttered space looks cramped; and a neat and tidy room looks open. So, use elements which help you keep your small space bathroom clean and top-notch. Use ceramic tile or stone flooring as it is easy to clean and dries out fast. Opt for wall-hung water closet as it helps keep the bathroom clean. Remove any unwanted article from the bathroom. To add to the small space bathroom aesthetics, use luxurious bathroom accessories.


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