Small Space Kitchen

Space constraints in a heavy-duty area like the kitchen can be challenging to the user. Nevertheless, a small kitchen need not be a disheartening one. Rather you can reap its benefits, for e.g. all items would be within your easy reach, so lesser energy spent wandering in the kitchen; smaller space means lesser area to clean and maintain; also you can get a fabulous kitchen with lesser money spent. The only tricky part is to use the available space judiciously, so that your small space kitchen turns into the one you always craved for. Here are a few small space kitchen ideas which will get you going.

Small Space Kitchen - Open Kitchen

Small Space Kitchen – Open Kitchen

Opt for an Open Kitchen

You do not have sufficient space for your kitchen, then why restrict it further with unnecessary walls? Go for an open kitchen- it is a modern and classy trend, gives your small kitchen the breathing space it needs and most importantly it revives your kitchen experience. Space is what we see, so when the small kitchen space is merged with larger spaces it loses its constrained character. Opting for an open kitchen might be difficult to implement if you want to revamp an existing one. In that case, a simple alternative can be removing the door and widening the door opening to an arch. Also, the wall between the kitchen and the space to which it is intended to open can be lowered till the kitchen slab. This will provide you a convenient breakfast nook.

Right colors and materials for your Small Space Kitchen

For a small space kitchen, you should opt for light colors as it makes the room look spacious. All the important components which make up your kitchen- floors, walls, ceiling, countertops, and cabinets- should preferably be light in color. Occasional use of bright colors may lend a lively touch to the space. Glazed tiles are recommended for the small space kitchen walls as reflective surfaces help light up the room well. Choose materials which look neat, are easy to clean and maintain, and assure durability. Marble, granite or solid-surface countertops are appropriate for small space kitchen. For flooring, use anti-skid vitrified or stone tiles; ceramic tiles can also be used. Avoid ornamented elements for your small space kitchen; opt for sleek, hassle-free materials.

Use space judiciously in your Small Space Kitchen

Optimum space utilization is most essential to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of your kitchen. Every nook and corner of the small space kitchen should be put to the best use. Ensure that your small space kitchen doesn’t have any unnecessary item. Make space for the inevitable elements and eliminate the unwanted ones. Design cabinets such that all the kitchen accessories and items have designated storage. Innovate ways of storing items such that they are easily accessible and save space. For example, overhead racks for hanging utensils can free countertop space for other tasks.

Small Space Kitchen Storage

Small Space Kitchen Storage

Plan your Small Space Storage

The kitchen storage should be designed and planned according to your needs. Use customized cabinets which have separate space allocated for cutlery, crockery, utensils, daily grocery, spices and long-term storage. This will ensure that you store the items in the right place and access them easily whenever required. Opt for open storage for the items you frequent. If you are short of storage space, creating wall recesses is an excellent option. Also, kitchen corners may provide valuable storage space. Magic corner units can be installed to easily store and access items in kitchen corners. You can also opt for a corner sink and put the kitchen corner to good use.

Light up your Small Space Kitchen

Light can change the way you experience your kitchen. As kitchen is the most used part of the house, it is essential to design it in such the manner that it receives ample daylight and is also lit well artificially. Small space kitchens may look cramped and dingy in absence of adequate light. So always leave room to accommodate a window for your small space kitchen. If having a window at sill level is not feasible, opt for one above the lintel. For artificial lighting, recessed lighting is most suitable for small space kitchen lighting as it provides evenly distributed light. Install under-cabinet lights to aid working on countertops.

Small Space Kitchen Lighting

Small Space Kitchen Lighting

Here are a few more pointers for your Small Space Kitchen:

  • Go for in-built units for your small space kitchen – Built-in hobs and ovens are commonplace nowadays. Your small space kitchen can reap its benefits. These units make the kitchen look spacious.
  • Do away with the door – Unless absolutely necessary, a small space kitchen should never lose its valuable space to a door. Sliding door might be an alternative.
  • It is necessary to ventilate your small space kitchen – installing a chimney over the hob, having an exhaust fan or operable window in the kitchen is mandatory.
  • Use sleek and compact units- use cabinets and storage units which look sleek but provide ample storage space.
  • Keep the countertop free- the kitchen looks neat as long as the countertop is empty. So dedicate space to every element such that the countertop space remains free.


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