Soffit Lighting

A soffit is the underside of a horizontal surface protruding from a vertical wall. The protrusion is usually not very deep and it forms a narrow belt region underneath it. This narrow belt is often utilized to house lighting fixtures; and such lighting is termed soffit lighting. Examples of soffits are roof overhangs, ceilings dropped along the edges, kitchen cabinet underside, etc. You would have noticed recessed lighting fixtures fitted in roof overhangs, or belts of dropped ceiling equipped with track lights to illuminate walls, or under-cabinet task lighting in kitchen – all these are examples of soffit lighting.

Soffit Lighting in Kitchen

Soffit Lighting in Kitchen

Soffit Lighting for Exteriors

Soffit lighting has gained immense popularity as a contemporary lighting style because of the versatility it offers. In modern buildings, soffits are especially created to house lighting fixtures. It is because this form of lighting can be put to numerous uses. It is commonly used for outdoor lighting. Roof overhangs or eaves and window projections can be equipped with light fixtures for soffit lighting. This creates a dramatic effect as it illuminates the exterior walls; thereby accentuating the exterior finish of the building. This technique is known as wall washing as the light from the soffit grazes the wall and illuminates it. Hence, soffit lighting is frequently used as wall washer or for ‘close to wall’ lighting.


Exterior Soffit Lighting

Exterior Soffit Lighting

Soffit Lighting for Interiors

For interior spaces, soffit lighting can be used for ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. Decorative bands of dropped ceiling are frequently used as interior design elements in contemporary buildings to provide lighting. These bands are fitted with recessed lighting fixtures and deliver ambient light to the interiors. For lighting kitchen countertops, cabinet underside can be equipped with recessed lighting fixtures. This form of soffit lighting provides task lighting to the countertop. Ceilings are dropped along the edges to create soffits. These soffits accommodate light fixtures, for e.g. spotlights or track lights. In this case, soffit lighting can be used for accent lighting. Any painting or photograph hung on the wall can be focussed using the spotlight. Similarly, a series of paintings or artefacts can be highlighted by installing track lights in the soffit. This is another instance of using soffit lighting for ‘close to wall’ lighting. This form of lighting also finds application in lighting wall alcoves. Shallow alcoves can be created to keep decorative antiques and flower vases; and soffit lighting can be provided to accentuate them. This is another example where soffit lighting is used for accent lighting.
Interior Soffit Lighting

Interior Soffit Lighting

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