Clerestory Window

Clerestory windows have adorned buildings since the ancient times in Egyptian temples, Roman basilicas and Gothic churches. And they have been adopted with equal grace in contemporary buildings. In fact, the renowned masters of architecture-Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier have extensively used clerestory windows in most of their works and turned it into a remarkable element of modern architecture.

Clerestory windows at Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier

Clerestory windows at Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier

Clerestory windows accentuate the dramatic effect created by the random wall openings in the Ronchamp, the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut, designed by Le Corbusier. This building is one of the most famous works of the architect.

Clerestory window can be defined as a window or a combination of windows placed at a high level. They can be located above the lintel, close to the roof or in the roof of a building. Because of their location in a building, these windows are also known as high level glazing.

Benefits of Clerestory Window

Clerestory windows provide the following advantages:

Clerestory Windows Daylighting

Clerestory Windows Daylighting

  • Clerestory windows provide ample daylight to the interiors. It is an excellent way to bring natural light and fresh air to the interior spaces.
  • They can restrict view to the outside while providing light and air. If a room doesn’t have pleasant surroundings to overlook, clerestory windows are a simple and effective solution.
  • These windows provide privacy. If your house has the threat of onlookers, they can come to your rescue.
  • They help in solar heat gain, and hence save energy. It is widely used as a passive building design element.
  • This window is a magnificent architectural element which has stood the test of time. It has been successfully used as an aesthetic and functional element in all types of buildings.
  • A band of clerestory windows below the roof level provides the illusion of ‘floating roof’, a concept which has been extensively used by architects all over the world.
Clerestory Windows Floating Roof Illusion

Clerestory Windows Floating Roof Illusion

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